Come hang out at the Studio 89 cafe! It’s not your average cafe! To begin with, we're actually a Non-Profit Organization.

We try to be all sorts of awesome by providing fair trade, organic, bird-friendly and rain forest certified coffee, and by providing other ethical and yummy treats and products! (Check out Our Menu, we think you’ll be impressed!)

The money you spend at Studio.89 goes towards the functioning of our community hub.

Studio.89 is a free space for community events that also offers free workshops and resources as well as empowerment and entrepreneurship opportunities. We host regular board game nights, documentary nights, book clubs, live music nights, networking events, fundraisers for a myriad of causes, support groups for sexual assault survivors and much more. Sometimes fun, sometimes educational, sometimes both, we have something for everyone to enjoy! See our Calendar for upcoming events.

See we’re what is technically called a social enterprise. This is how it works. Our youth led non-profit organization YTGA has been empowering and mobilizing young people for social justice through campaigns, workshops and the arts since 2006. Through the cafe business we are able to run much more programming for many more young people! That’s right, you spend money on good ethical and healthy stuff and it goes towards more good community stuff!

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Artademic Programming

We provide free workshops for leadership, theatre, film making, photography, painting, creative writing and many more that our visitors request. We also provide free computers with design softwares, DSLR cameras for sign out and a mentorship program for community skill exchange and tutoring.

The Artademic Resource Centre upstairs is a shoe-free zone and offers a wonderful community space for hanging out, studying, meetings or participating in one of the workshops hosted by us or our friends. What does Artademic even mean? Artademic or Artademia means to infuse various art forms and academic knowledge and learning for the purpose of education of course. Yes we made it up. The word, not the concept. See, the left and right hemispheres of the brain process information in different ways. Learners usually process information using the dominant brain hemisphere. However, the learning process is greatly enhanced when all of the senses are used. This includes using the less dominate hemisphere.

We’ll try to engage both of your brain hemispheres. No promises it’ll make you superhumansmart but we’ll try. Check out our workshop schedule in the Calendar!

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Our Menu

Studio 89 prides itself on being good for humans, animals and the planet. We will always strive to have the most ethical menu possible. Our coffee is sourced from Birds and Beans Inc, which is not only fair trade, but bird friendly, organic and rainforest certified. Our baked goods are as friendly as we can be, offering you vegan, gluten free, dairy free, and egg free options. We want you to indulge, but not feel guilty about it. So go ahead, eat! and feel free to ask us questions about our products. That might just be our favourite part!

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